× ATTENTION: Effective September 30th, 2022, the Storefront technology is no longer a YFC supported technology. You can find branding and marketing resources and access to other YFC supported solutions here on our marketing HUB

If you have any questions about this change or need marketing support, please email us at marketing@yfc.net



Try constantly sharing these 10 every month via social media, email marketing, other digital channels

  1. Subscribe: every month provide a call to action to subscribe to local email marketing (with a link).
  2. See The Story: every month provide a call to action to See The Story (with a link).
  3. Volunteer/Join: every month provide a call to action to get involved by volunteering– with a link and specific opportunities to join.
  4. Give/Donate: every month provide a call to action to give locally provide a link.
  5. 3Story®: every month provide 3Story® content that informs audiences, and provides a link for more information.
  6. Local Event/opportunities: every month provide a call to action to local events and opportunities to learn more
  7. Local/National YFC Story: every month YFC USA provides weekly stories via Social/Web copy or share your local stories 1-3 times a month – provide a link.
  8. Question/Engagement: every month ask an engaging (missional, but fun) question i.e. “What was the name of the mentor that helped uncover God’s Story of Hope in your life? Share in the comments below.”
  9. Pray: every month provide ways for social media audiences to pray for your local ministry site(s).
  10. Quote: every month provide a quote from a kid, parent, leader, partner, etc. that shows the story of impact or need. Provide a link to the website to learn more.