YFC Brand Starter Collection

Are you new to YFC? Need a YFC Brand refresh? Or simply just need a few basic YFC brand assets?

Here you go… YFC Brand Starter Collection

In the collection you will find the basics

  • YFC Brand Style Guide: This guide is essential for all new YFC Staff. Once you read through it, take a post it note and jot down the major YFC Color codes. There are no bonus points for memorizing them, but if you do – virtual hi-five! Don’t forget to make sure you have Avenir Next and Steelfish fonts downloaded on your computer these are essential fonts if you are creating anything creative for YFC both nationally and locally. Email helpdesk@yfc.net if you need access to YFC’s fonts.
  • YFC Verbal Brand Identity: This guide is designed to establish a verbal framework that informs and empowers a unified articulation of the Youth For Christ movement (hereafter referred to as “YFC”). Our verbal identity creates a through-line that expresses our Brand’s essence — it signals who we are and what we stand for.
  • Simple Slide Deck: This simple slide deck will give you a plug and play downloadable powerpoint file. Make sure your final product is utilizing Avenir Next font.
  • Essential YFC Logos: From the YFC stacked logo to our website badge to YFC icons as well as our Give Life To Your Story logos. You can use these on various documents, and other creative projects.

We will continue to add/update some of these basics from time to time.

We are here to support you in your YFC Branding adventures. If you would like to set up a time to learn more email marketing@yfc.net