YFC Fonts

Font Usage Guidelines & Download

Avenir Next is the primary typeface for Youth For Christ. Because of it’s various weights, it is versitle enough to be used in most applications for the brand.

Steelfish is a limited-use supplemental typeface that pairs well with Avenir Next. Because of its extremely condensed set width, Steelfish should only be used at larger sizes for things like a location or label. A tracking value of 40/1000em is suggested to help maintain legibility.

Licensing Guidelines and Agreement

This is because YFC USA is paying licensing fees for these fonts, but only one license per chapter or affiliate, and a license grants permission to install them on only ONE computer or device.Each Youth For Christ chapter or affiliate is permitted to load these fonts on ONE, and only one, computer or device.The Avenir Next font family comes pre-installed and is ready to use on computers running Mac OS X Mountain Lion or newer. For those with PCs or older Mac computers, these fonts are being licensed for use only by staff and volunteers in association with Youth For Christ USA, Inc.

Do NOT forward these fonts to anyone else.  If it is necessary to install them on a computer other than the one on which they were originally installed, make certain to UNINSTALL them from the original computer.

This .zip file is protected with a password and accessible by invitation only. To obtain licensed copies of these fonts for free:

  1. Download the password protected .zip file here.
  2. Fill our the password request form here. Please note that it may take up to 3 business days for a reply.

If you have a more urgent need, Avenir Next may be purchased here. Steelfish is available for download here.